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The Miss Essence World Elite is a beauty contest based on intellectual competition.  The competition is comprised of talent, fashion, self-expression, costume, community service, and on-stage questions.  The Miss Essence World Elite beauty contest believes in focusing on the importance of unity, acceptance, kindness and class. We hold each contestant to a high standard.

  • Mission Statement: To redefine beauty and encourage the ability to blossom into purpose; unveiling the many levels of SELF-LOVE, SELF-CARE, SELF-UNDERSTANDING, and SELF-DETERMINATION by nurturing the seed within each contestant. CORE VALUES: We strive to challenge each queen to walk in these principles: Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Understanding, & Self-Determination.

  • Company History: MEWE was founded to emphasize the value in young women making self-care a priority.  The primary founder, AnJoynae Jimpson, felt the need to create something to save women and provide a platform for other young ladies to be heard and the motivation to face adversity.  The co-founder, Regina Warren, encouraged the implementation of beauty and brains, focusing on education and the future succession of each contestant.  MEWE was published on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

Meet The Sponsors

Miss Essence of Indiana, Founder, AnJoynae Jimpson

AnJoynae Jimpson, Founder

The Start

As you prepare for the experience of your life, please know we are just as excited to work with you! For years to come you will build memories, develop friendships, and grow inside out. Keep in mind, you are now included in the selected few to experience this type of royalty! Welcome to an opportunity of a lifetime!

Miss Essence of Indiana, Co-Founder, Regina Warren

Regina WArren, Co-Founder

Meet The Board


AnJoynae Jimpson

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Chief Executive Officer


Regina Warren

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Chief Operating Officer

Woman in Black

Sara Howard

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Event Coordinator

Image by Marquise Kamanke

Lowell Harris

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Judge Chair Executive Board Advisor

Image by Christina @



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Business Manager

Image by David Hofmann



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Meet The National State Directors


Latoria Smith

Oriental Lotus

Miss Essence of Indiana


Priscilla Morton-Butts

Oriental Lotus

Miss Essence of Indiana

aftan headshot2.jpg

Aftan Williamss

Oriental Lotus

Miss Essence of Georgia

paula nelson.JPG

Paula Nelson

Oriental Lotus

Miss Essence of Texas

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